This site is a place for people to send their white friends when they ask questions. Answered by a team of white people. The team of white people are all racial justice anti-oppression educators. They have been involved in anti-racism work for many years and in multiple environments.

I hear so many of my POC friends rightfully exhausted by some of the shit we ask them (myself sometimes included) My hope is that they can now say, “Ask a White Person” when they need to, and this site can be one of many ways of doing that. My hope is that this site can also be a place of peer led discussion. Many times there isn’t just one answer. If we post an answer to a question and you have something to chime in or add, add a comment! I’m a web geek, so creating this is just one way that I can stand with my friends.

More of a description coming soon (site created 4/30/15) give us a minute 🙂