Penis Size?

Q: Do white people really not have big dicks?!?!?

A:  So, I do a lot of sex education in my day-job and I assume that you are a troll and meant this as a joke to see if this site would really answer your troll question. However, this myth of racial groups having different penis sizes is so prevalent that I feel it is worth a couple minutes to answer your question.

The truth is, according to a study published in the journal BJU International which combined all the penis-measuring data from 20 different studies, the average erect penis is 5.17 inches long and the average flaccid penis is 3.61 inches long.

The study authors could NOT find any evidence of racial differences in terms of penis size.

Psychologist, and author of “Intimate Partner Violence: A Culturally Competent Model for Treatment and Training,” , wrote a fabulous op-ed in 2012 published by The Good Men Project about the racist myth of black male large penis size. It was recently given a new life when reposted on Huff Po.

In his article he points out the truth of the matter, 

The idea of the salacious Black male and his monster cock has been used to perpetuate the objectification and brutality of African American men.

Go read his article, it is great! Average Size … for a Black Man: Myths About Size, Racism, and the Patriarchy

Finally, I will note that The Daily Dot has a great article about how flawed and racist most penis studies are.

So,  the conclusion is that most cis-men do not have what people consider “big dicks”. There is nothing to be ashamed of no matter what your cock size is. We have been creating bad research to meet our racism and we have also been pushing the idea that big cocks are better through the media. All of this creates body image issues amongst men in the US and perpetuates racism.

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